Thursday, October 30, 2014

Life Lately with My Kiddos

=> I got some cress seeds recently to show my kids how plants grow. It needed a lot of water every day. I forgot to water it one day, and it quickly wilted. I was more interested in it than they were so they weren't too upset by that.

=> We got them a state puzzle a while back, and my son has been fascinated with the state of Minnesota ever since. He talks about it all the time, so much so that some people think we're from Minnesota.

=> My daughter thinks the state of Washington is where all the washing machines come from simply because it has "washing" in its name.

=> My kids love stepping stones. We have some in the yard, so I thought it'll be fun to make some of our own.

=> My son asked me to get him clothes like his dad's. I asked him why, and he says that it's because he loves him very much. I asked him, "What about momma?" He replied, "I only love you very much only on Thursdays." Huh? What happens on Thursdays? I don't know, but at least I have Thursdays going for me, lol!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014

late, late night with my daughter

My daughter was having trouble sleeping so she came into our room wanting to be held. Somehow in my half-asleep state, I managed to walk her back to her room. She was still upset so I decided to stay with her until she fell asleep.

In that moment as my shoulders were packed in like sardines and my legs were hanging off of her toddler bed, I was reminded of the advice that I've been given by so many moms to get the twin size bed and forego the cutesy toddler bed. What can I say, I couldn't resist adorable Elmo and the "pretty please" of toddlers. Despite our cozy packed-in situation in this oh-so-tiny but cute toddler bed, she was happy just to be next to me.

Somehow at that moment I was also reminded of all the late, late nights that I used to spend with her when she was an infant. She had acid reflux as a baby, so my husband and I would take turns holding her for at least an hour in an elevated position until she was comfortably asleep.

Back in those days, both my husband were so sleep-deprived as new parents that a lot of these events seem like such a haze. Looking back on it now, the haze has slowly lifted, and they're precious memories. I think about that as I'm watching her sleep and wonder to myself, "Where did the time go?"

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