Friday, July 25, 2014

Straw Necklace DIY

My kids have been admiring my necklaces ever since I've been wearing more and more jewelry so I thought we could make our own to satisfy this curiosity of the moment. 

I wanted to use what we have on hand since the necklaces were going to be a temporary thing. I looked around the house and decided to cut up the colorful drinking straws for use as beads and the gift wrap ribbons for use as the strings. 

I showed them how to string the ribbon through the straws first. They caught on pretty quickly, and the rest was history. They really enjoyed the entire beading process, especially my daughter. Both of them wore their necklaces for about three days, and it was a forgotten toy after that. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Hooray, it's Friday! Have a lovely weekend everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Hello Kitty is happy now."

One evening while I was fixing supper, my toddlers were distraught over something that I couldn't make out. I had to drop everything to come over and ask what's going on. They both told me in a concerned voice that "Hello Kitty doesn't have mouth."

I looked at Hello Kitty, looked back at them, and told them that they're right, but I think that's just how Hello Kitty is. I then told them to get back to playing because I smell supper burning on the stove.

When I finally finished cooking supper, I came back to check on them again. This time I found them hovering over Hello Kitty with markers in their hands. That's when I shrieked, "What happened!?!" They both turned around looking startled and then replied, "Hello Kitty is happy now."

This is what I saw when I looked down. They drew a mouth on Hello Kitty, and I guess while they're at it, they drew some eye brows on her too!!

At first, I imagined a scribbled up Hello Kitty, but after examining it, she didn't look bad, so I replied, "Um, okay." I guess Hello Kitty is happy now after all.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Crazy for Arugula

I love arugula; the title says it all. I'd eat it everyday if my family feels the same way about it as I do. Unfortunately that's not the case, so we only have it once in a while. I love it so much that I decided that it needed a post of its own and not lumped in with my usual food posts.

For those who haven't had it before, it looks like a type of lettuce, but it's not lettuce. It has a peppery flavor that's very distinct.

Here are some of my favorite arugula dishes:

arugula salad with homemade vinaigrette
 Since my husband and kids are not as fond of arugula, I tossed in some iceberg lettuce with it here.

arugula salad with vinaigrette and a poached egg
 I love a poached egg with just about anything. Here it is with my favorite salad; I definitely could eat this everyday. 

chicken salad on a bed of arugula
Every guy I've ever met always calls chicken salad chick food, and that includes my husband. Oh well, more for me :)

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!

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