Monday, September 22, 2014

Olaf, "sand" snowman?

We're back playing outside. It's still a jungle out there, so I have my trusty Uggs on, and I also keep a broom next to me just in case, haha. I'm not sure if a broom will do any good, but it makes me feel better.

It all started with this stick that my kids found outside. They said that it looked like Olaf's (snowman from movie Frozen) arm. Then they decided to search for Olaf's other arm. They looked and looked but no luck. 

After that, they decided that Olaf will be okay with just one arm so they started building Olaf using stuff around the backyard. Their imaginations took over, and the rest is history. One minute they were building Olaf, then they weren't, then they were again. (...oh, to be 3 again!)

They used flowers from their garden and rocks from their rock collection. When my husband was doing yard work over the weekend, they kept asking my husband to leave Olaf alone, so in the middle of our patio sits Olaf, waiting for another fun session outdoors...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Balloon Festival

Ever since my kids watched the movie Tangled, they've been talking about going to see the floating lights. The closest thing that I can come up with that resembled the floating lights are hot air balloons. Through Living Social I was able to find some balloon festivals that were nearby so we went to go see that one early morning.

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate so the balloons stayed tethered to the ground. It was still fun to watch nonetheless, and the kids had a great time.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Life Lately with My Kiddos

Between the snakes and the coyote, we haven't been playing outside as much as we'd like to. Yes, coyote... I didn't even know about it until my neighbors started putting up flyers of keeping pets indoors. I knew something was up when I saw one of them jogging by with a golf club. For a while there, I was wondering why he was running to go play golf with just one club and shorts on, haha!

We got these Hello Kitty paint and coloring books at Costco. The little paints in the shape of Hello Kitty were so cute that I just had to get them. These kept the kiddos busy for a while so it was well worth it!

They've been wanting a magic wand for a while now after reading about it in their story books. I wasn't sure where to get one so we made our own. It started out as a magic wand and ended up as a tickling stick. 

They're still enjoying their Doc McStuffins toy. Today this bunch of "characters" are in for their check-up today. There's an overflow of patients into my living room, and they've taken over my sofa.

The rocket ship that we made a while back is still a hit. On this day, everyone went for a ride in it. Who knew that they'd get so much play out of a simple cardboard box?! 

=> Their imaginations have really taken off. Almost everyday, I hang out with different characters that they're pretending to be that day. My son has been crazy about the dog "Scout" from LeapFrog so he's been "Scout" lately, and my daughter is "Sophia the First".

=> My son's sense of humor regarding his sister pretending to be "Sophia the First":
My Son: You are not Sophia the First; you're Sophia the Fifteen. {followed by lots of giggles}
My Daughter: I'm not Sophia the Fifteen.
My Son: Yes, you are. {more giggles}
My Daughter: No, I'm not!
My Son: Yes, you are.
My Daughter: MOM!!!!

=> They're still crazy about the movie Frozen. Every time I'm in the bathroom, they'd line up at the door to knock on it. It goes something like this:
{knock at the door}
My Daughter: Do you want to build a snowman?
Me: No.
My Son: Do you want to build a block castle?
Me: No.
{some giggles and another knock at the door}
My Son: Do you want to play with me?
Me: No.
My Daughter: Do you want to play with me?
Me: No.
{more giggles, then I open the door}
Me: YES!!! Roar, I'm a snow monster!
{lots of giggles as they run off}

=> According to my husband, they both looked very serious and wanted to talk to him about something one day.
My Son: Dada, momma's hair is turning white.
My Daughter: Yes dada. We need to take her to the trolls. (referencing the movie Frozen)
{My husband told them that I was fine, but they still looked really concerned. guess it's time to color my hair...
My husband also added a pearl of wisdom that he received from grandma early in life, and that is commenting on a woman's weight and hair color is a very, very bad idea, so he didn't really say much regarding the matter after that. Haha, I really like his grandma :) }

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